KRESS Refrigerated Bodies, Refrigerated Vehicles and Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated vehicles customized for bakeries and pastry shops

Our refrigerated vehicles and truck bodies satisfy all the hygienic requirements of the baking industry and are HACCP/ATP certified.

You wish to be sure that the quality of your goods, including fresh, frozen and dry products, remains impeccable. Transportation means involving food must be easy to clean and maintain in order to protect the wares from contamination. KRESS vehicles are constructed in such a way so as to enable simple cleaning and disinfection. Wet cleaning is simply not a problem.

Take advantage of our experience in manufacturing of refrigerated vehicles as well as our know-how in the industry. We provide you with professional advice right from the beginning.

You would like to transport and deliver economically, efficiently and securely? Without leaving too much money along the way? To this end, there are a variety of factors to consider in choosing the right refrigerated vehicle:

Reliable temperature control, robustness, hygiene, maximum payload, long lifespan, minimum fuel consumption, practical features as well as a number of legal, economic and ecological requirements. Owing to years of work with the baking industry, bakers, specialized baked good logistics companies among others, we have accumulated a lot of specialized and practical experience, technical knowledge, to name a few.

The deep vertical range of manufacturing at KRESS makes it possible to customize refrigerated vehicles for the type of product in question while paying attention to the specific needs of the customer. Due to flexible serial production we can produce tailor-made refrigerated vehicles either individually or in mid to large-sized numbers, of course as always in premium quality.

KRESS refrigerated vehicles offer many advantages for refrigeration logistics of the baking industry:

  • Aerodynamic design of the refrigerated truck body CoolerBox2.0. With flush-mounted doors which mean considerable savings on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Optimized for the base vehicle in question.
  • Reliable refrigeration temperatures due to the manufacturing process of highly insulating DUROLITE® insulation panels and specially developed DUOFLEX® door sealing system profiles.
  • Installation of powerful refrigeration units of well-known brands.
  • Robust, torsion-resistant truck body construction through innovative joining technology. Reinforced surfaces in cargo area.
  • Greater payload owing to reduced (up to 25%) lower weight of our wall panels made using DUROLITE®-Technology (compared to sheet metal).

Special equipment packages for the baking industry are part of our range of products:

  • Standard one-chamber vehicles for transporting raw goods, half-baked and ready-made products at the same storage temperature.
  • Two-chamber solutions for the simultaneous transport of dry and refrigerated goods. The dry goods section for freshly baked bread with efficient ventilation. The refrigerated section for keeping sensitive fine baked goods reliably refrigerated.
  • Two- temperature solutions for simultaneously transporting fresh and frozen goods, dry and fresh products or frozen and dry goods.
    Three-chamber solutions for dry, fresh and frozen goods in one trip.
  • Equipment to efficiently work on a daily basis: Loading aids such as tail lifts, rear doors with three or four panels, boarding aids etc.
  • Special edition bodies set on low frames and extra-low chassis make loading and unloading at various branches easier.
  • KRESS refrigerated truck bodies are certified according to HACCP and ATP guidelines.
  • Easy to clean and thus maintain hygienic standards owing to the smooth, vertically placed truck body walls and sturdy floors with two drains.
  • Quality manufacturing you can see right to the smallest detail, e.g. fungicidal material for grout of the panels which is highly effective protection from mold forming in cargo area.
  • Cargo securing system, shelves- you can choose from tried and true equipment components for your very own solution.

Long-lasting, reliable quality is important to you, not to mention large payload, easy yet efficient handling and low fuel consumption?
You want to make a smart investment which will reliably pay off?
Feel free to make use of our expert advice- with no strings attached. Simply call us at : +49 (0) 6226 9263-0

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