KRESS Refrigerated Bodies, Refrigerated Vehicles and Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated Vehicles for the efficient transport of fresh meat as well as processed meats and sausages

From small practical refrigerated trailers for cars to fuel-efficient refrigerated vans to heavy distribution trucks with tubular railings- Our refrigerated trucks and truck bodies perfectly satisfy the requirements of the meat industry and are HACCP/ATP certified.

You would like to be sure that the quality of meat, processed meat and sausage products, of fresh and deep-freeze products as well as of convenience foods remains perfect? You want to transport and deliver products economically, rationally and securely? Without leaving too much cash behind on the streets?

A variety of important factors come into play in choosing the right vehicle for you: Reliably controlled temperature, sturdiness, hygiene, maximum payload capacity, long lifespan of the vehicle, low fuel consumption, practical furnishings as well as other legal, economic and ecological requirements.

Make use of our experience in manufacturing refrigerated vehicles and our know-how in the industry. We provide you with expert advice right from the beginning.

We have been able to gather a lot of experience as well as technical and practical knowledge owing to the years of cooperation with leading businesses in the meat industry as well as with meat logistics companies.

Owing to a high degree of vertical range of production as well as flexible serial manufacturing we are able to deliver individualized refrigeration vehicles even in medium to large amounts of vehicles, all in long-lasting premium quality.

KRESS Kühlfahrzeuge offers many advantages for refrigeration logistics of the meat industry:

  • Aerodynamic design of the refrigerated truck body CoolerBox2.0. With flush-mounted doors. Saves considerably on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Flush-mounted doors. Optimized for the base vehicle in question.
  • Reliable refrigeration temperatures through the manufacturing of high-insulating DUROLITE® insulation panels and specially developed DUOFLEX® door sealant system profiles.
  • Exclusive use of powerful refrigeration units from well-known manufacturers.
  • Robust, torsion-resistant truck bodies owing to our innovative joining technology. Extra reinforced surfaces in the cargo area.
  • Greater payload capacity owing to reduced (up to 25%) empty weight of vehicle owing to our wall panels which use DUROLITE® Technology (compared to steel sheets).

Special equipment packages for the meat industry are part of our range of products:

  • Euro roof tubular railings with safety catches. Security latches and adapter pieces.
  • Stainless steel inner wall coating, reinforced bumper at the rear. -
  • Two temperature solutions for transporting fresh and deep-freeze products at the same time.
  • KRESS refrigerated truck bodies are certified according to HACCP and ATP guidelines.
  • High-quality, extensive optical features inside and outside.
  • Easy to clean to a hygienic standard owing to smooth, flush walls of our truck bodies and heavy-duty floors with two drains.
  • High quality manufacturing down to the last detail, for example fungicidal materials for joint sealants of the panels which are highly effective to avoid mold and mildew in the cargo area.
  • Cargo-securing systems and shelves. You choose the right solution for you from our tried and true feature components.

Long-lasting, reliable quality is important to you as well as large payload capacity, easy handling and low fuel consumption?
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You want long-lasting quality you can always count on, maximum payload, intuitively simple handling and low fuel consumption? You want to invest your money sensibly, knowing your investment will reliably pay off?  
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