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Refrigerated Vehicles for Food Online Home Delivery Service

The KRESS CoolerBox City has been optimized for online grocery delivery service.

Supermarkets now cater to the needs of their customers and deliver groceries to their front door. This service requires a totally new concept in vehicles and KRESS has met these needs with our latest product development.

Delivering groceries on a large scale economically while ensuring their freshness is not an easy matter. The fleet has to be optimized for this type of service in order to ensure efficient processing. The requirements on a vehicle for this type of sector cannot be settled in a short conversation with the customer especially since few users have any long-term experience to fall back on.

By working with a variety of customers and trying out different test trials we have been able to develop a vehicle which has been optimized for this market.

The Transporter looks more like a mail delivery van than a refrigeration vehicles. In fact, both vehicles are used in similar ways: stopping often for many deliveries, small deliveries and a driver who takes care of it all. These are just some of the most important features which must be kept in mind.

  • Getting on and off easily,
  • Cargo Room at Standing Height,
  • HIgh Capacity of Cargo Room,
  • Maximum Payload.

These are only a few requirements needed in a home delivery transporter . If all products available at the supermarket are also meant to be delivered then the vehicle also has to have various temperature zones: from deep-freeze for pizza to room temperature for cleaning products or beverage crates.

Handling the vehicle has to be easy, safe and efficient in order to make things as simple as possible for the driver.

To this end some helpful features might be e.g. rearview video system in order to avoid damage to other vehicles or automatic lighting system in the cargo area which is sensitive to movement and turns off automatically.

The KRESS CoolerLock central locking system ensures only authorized personnel can access the goods while the driver is carrying out his deliveries. Owing to a wireless locking system of the driver's cab the cargo area is also locked. In this way, theft can be prevented as well as stopping food from being touched or contaminated in any way while the cargo area is not being monitored.

Basic Information of the vehicle:

  • Refrigerated Truck Body: KRESS CoolerBox City
  • Extremely low loading height ensures getting on and off is easy
  • 1, 2 or 3 temperature zones
  • Large payload, up to ca. 1200 kg
  • Automatic cargo room lighting with motion sensor.
  • Rear view video system
  • CoolerLock central locking system
  • AluLT lightweight floor, to ensure maximum cargo capacity

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