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Refrigerated Vehicles for the Transportation of Fish, Fish Products and Fine Foods

Freshness and absolutely hygienic conditions are of primary importance for high-quality fish, seafood and other fancy foods. For this reason, the refrigerated vehicle used has to be totally reliable. Tailor-made refrigerated and deep-freeze vehicles are essential for cold-chain management.

In order to ensure high-quality fish, seafood and other fancy foods, a number of factors have to be taken into account as far as the refrigerated vehicles are concerned: Robustness, long lifespan, economic viability, hygiene, efficient handling, reliable temperature control and maximum payload are irreplaceable for the quality of your products.


Take Advantage of Our Experience and Know-How

In the last few years we have manufactured dozen of vehicles, from refrigerated trailers for cars to refrigerated vans and refrigerated trucks, especially for transporting fresh and frozen fish, and delivered them to well-known customers. In this way, we have collected a lot of very detailed experience in the development and manufacturing of refrigerated vehicles for this sector, knowledge which we are happy to pass on to our customers.

It's not only about fulfilling legal requirements. We offer you a series of additional advantages.
KRESS is able, owing to a deep vertical range of manufacture as well as flexible serial production, to produce tailor-made refrigerated vehicles even in mid-range and large numbers of products.

With KRESS vehicles you can rely on a lot of advantages:

  • Reliable refrigeration temperatures owing to the manufacturing process of highly insulating DUROLITE® insulation panels and powerful refrigeration units.
  • Compact vehicle size, aerodynamic design in order to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. Read test reports on the unique KRESS CoolerBox2.0.
  • Robust truck body walls due to reinforced surfaces in cargo area.
  • Our DUROLITE® panel technology offers you more payload owing to extremely low empty weight.
  • High-quality outer surfaces make for eye-catching vehicles on the road.
  • Many extras which have been especially developed for the fish sector, are what you can expect owing to our years of experience and sophisticated technology: e.g. synthetic floors and stain-steel baseboards in the cargo area for easy transportation of fresh fish.
  • All KRESS DUROLITE® refrigerated truck bodies are certified in accordance with ATP and HACCP guidelines.
  • And now only available at KRESS: fungicidal material for caulking of panels is effective protection from mold in the cargo area. Cleaning and hygiene are especially efficient.

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The CoolerBox2.0 is available as a refrigerated and deep-freeze body for transporter vans and trucks, optimized for base vehicle of all leading manufacturers.

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