Standard features of KRESS refrigerated vehicles: more efficiency is a standard feature of ours!

Our refrigerated truck bodies are long-lasting premium products made using the latest refrigeration vehicle technology. For this reason, we make no compromises and use only top quality elements for our premium standard equipment.

Safety, durability, functionality, handling that makes sense from the get go, making loading and unloading easier for co-workers are all factors that are of utmost importance to us. Of course complying with all rules and regulations pertaining to meat, fish and other foodstuff. Or for example   EU guidelines GDP 2013 for pharmaceutical transport.

Here you can find further information concerning standard editions of the KRESS refrigerated truck body, CoolerBox2.0.

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Aerodynamic Optimization

The optimized aerodynamics of the CoolerBox2.0 Maxi  are standard at KRESS and save fuel and  CO2 emissions of your vehicle.

Integrated marker lights on the front

A standard feature of our refrigerated truck bodies with a total width of  2.10 m: Our integrated marker lights sit recessed in the front of the vehicle and offer considerably better protection from branches or similar. Furthermore, this construction is aerodynamically favorable and also looks good! The lights are in  LongLife-LowEnergy LED technology.

Skirting boards offer impact protection, also at the rear doors, and quarz sand reinforced synthetic floor

The loading surface is made using a very durable and abrasion resistant epoxy resin synthetic material. This material is also reinforced by adding in fine quarz sand. This combination of strong and stable synthetic material and "rock hard" quarz sand makes the loading surface incredibly resistant to abrasion. In addition, this surface also has the advantage of being extremely lightweight, in comparison with an aluminium floor, for example.


By adding quarz sand the friction coefficient of the surface is increased which means the floor is less slippery- an important feature which reduces accidents on the job- especially when the floor is wet. Furthermore, the non-slip surface also contributes considerably to improved loading securement. This feature was confirmed  and certified by  TÜV in independent tests.


Two drains- standard equipment

As a standard feature of our refrigerated truck bodies, there are two drains placed in each front corner of the body. Having two drains means any excess water will drain out even if the vehicle is parked at an angle. This feature makes cleaning a whole lot easier since the vehicle does not have to be placed in any particular way. r

The drains are fitted with a valve allowing for any liquid to drain away securely while at the same time assuring that no dirt or pests can get into the loading area.

LED loading area lighting

Energy-saving and long-lasting cargo room lighting in  LongLife-LowEnergy LED technology, fully integrated and recessed in the ceiling.

Aluminium hinges at rear portal

The KRESS rear door hinges which have been specially developed by us allow for greatly improved  advertising lettering on the rear part of the refrigerated truck body due to the discrete size of the hinges. Thanks to the material we use in constructing our hinges, we have managed to achieve a lightweight yet very robust hinge in comparison with standard ones used today.

Integrated door handles at rear portal

At KRESS the door handles are integrated in the door leaf of the rear doors. No locking rods can be seen. This has many advantages for you:

  • Rear doors can be decorated with advertising lettering in a much more aesthetic way.
  • The integrated locking rods cannot be tampered with, offering greater protection against theft.
  • Owing to their integrated construction, the rods are protected from dirt and are subject to less wear and tear and lock in smoothly for longer.
  • Cleaning the rear end of the truck body is made easier.

All metal components are made of stainless steel.



DUOFLEX door sealant system

The trademark feature of our DUOFLEX door sealant is the skillful combination of two different rubber compounds. This makes our doors particularly easy to handle. Especially in distribution services is this feature of great advantage to the driver who has to open and close the door particularly often in a short span of time. At the same time the sealant is highly effective owing to the soft sealing rim.

Safety lock with emergency unlocking

Placing an emergency opening device in the loading area means the doors can be opened from within thus avoiding that anyone be accidentally  locked inside.

The accident prevention regulations of the trade association for cooling equipment  (VBG 20) prescribes in §14, para..2: "... bei ortsbeweglichen begehbaren Kühlräumen müssen die Türen oder Deckel im nicht abgeschlossenen oder nicht verriegelten Zustand von innen zu öffnen sein." (Refrigerated areas which move from place to place and can be entered must be able to be opened from within) In this way, we adhere to this regulation.

Also part of the standard equipment for our CoolerBox2.0 Maxi: two panelled rear portal

  • Two-panel rear portal
  • Fourfold welded stainless steel rear portal frame
  • Truck body walls in DUROLITE®sandwich construction
  • Truck body color white
  • Protective plates for door handles, upon request
  • Door stop bracket made of stainless steel
  • etc.

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