Outstanding Payload. Compact Size. All Industries. CoolerBox2.0 mounted on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Gain more efficiency for your refrigerated transport right away!

Aerodynamic - Fuel efficient - Outstanding Design

KRESS Kühlfahrzeuge have proven their quality and durability over and over again in a variety of industries.

  • The ideal solution for fresh or deep-freeze food as well as for delivering meat.
  • Available in various models and sizes, can be modified for fresh food or deep-freeze food service.
  • By using high end materials, our refrigerated body is extremely long-lasting and, should it be damaged, easy to be repaired.
  • Our refrigerated body lasts longer than a car does, meaning it can easily be taken off an old chassis and placed on a new one.
  • Outstanding insulation owing to our DUROLITE® panel technology and DUOFLEX® door sealant system. For this reason, you can expect substantially better refrigeration and lower fuel consumption.
  • Right-angled and smooth-surfaced interior space. This means you can optimize the amount of cases and pallets you load in.
  • Low empty weight owing to constant optimization of its weight and DUROLITE® panel technology.
  • Reliable torsion resistance thanks to KRESS having welded the portal frame fourfold as well as due to two stable stainless steel locks.
  • Outstanding corrosion protection owing to galvanized auxiliary frame.
  • Easy to clean due to standard drains, smooth surface of the interior and precise and careful sealing of all joints.
  • Fulfills all requirements of food hygiene regulation and is HACCP, ATP certified, thereby giving you extra security as far as legal requirements are concerned
  • Qualified for temperature-controlled transport of pharmaceutical products

Even more payload. Even less fuel consumption. With the new refrigerated van body CoolerBox2.0 you have a clear advantage over your competitors ...

The new CoolerBox2.0 offers more efficiency for your refrigerated transport than ever before, for example:

  • Considerably improved aerodynamics: Fuel savings of more than 3 Liter/100 km possible, reduced CO2-emissions.
  • Rear portal with built in locks and aluminum hinges: weight reduction, improved security from theft and labelling.
  • Improved door-leaf construction: improved insulation, optimized fitting, improved sealing (DUOFLEX®-door sealant system), weight reduction.
  • Innovative Wandverbindungen (Pat. angemeldet): noch mehr Stabilität und Verwindungssteifigkeit des DUROLITE®-Aufbaus.
  • Ausgezeichnete Isolationswerte durch DUROLITE® -Paneeltechnik und DUOFLEX® -Türdichtsysteme. Dadurch wesentlich höhere Kälteleistungen, geringerer Energieverbrauch und weniger Verschleiß.
  • Geringes Eigengewicht durch konsequente Gewichtsoptimierung und DUROLITE® -Paneeltechnik, höhere Effizienz und mehr Nutzlast.
  • Hohe Verwindungssteifigkeit durch vierfach verschweißten Portalrahmen und zwei stabile Edelstahlverschlüsse.
  • Einfache Reinigung durch serienmäßige Wasserabläufe, glattflächigen Innenraum und minutiöse Versiegelung aller Fugen.

Und das ist noch lange nicht alles. Hier finden Sie noch mehr Informationen über die Vorteile der CoolerBox2.0.

The perfect harmony between refrigerated body and chassis: outstanding payload and loading capacity values

Overview of the standard body dimensions- other sizes upon request:


Wheel base

Body dimensions [L x W x H]

Loading capacity*


Sprinter 3xx

3250 mm

2520 x 1870 x 1700 mm

E2 cases: 126
Euro pallets: 4

up to 1230 kg

Sprinter 3xx

3665 mm

3320 x 1870 x 1920 mm

E2 cases: 210
Euro pallets: 5

up to 1100 kg

Sprinter 5xx

3665 mm

3320 x 2050 x 1920 mm

E2 cases: 225
Euro pallets: 6

up to 2310 kg

Sprinter 5xx

4325 mm

4120 x 2220 x 1920 mm

Rolling container: 15
Euro pallets: 8

up to 2140 kg

* Dimensions: E2 case = 600x400x200 mm, Euro pallet = 1200x800 mm, Rolling container = 810x720x1700 mm. Loading capacity and payload depend on chassis, body and specific features.

We make refrigeration mobile and efficient!

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