Refrigerated truck bodies using a Citroën Jumper chassis - our CoolerBox has a lot to offer

Citroen Jumper plus CoolerBox2.0 refrigerated body from KRESS equals a practical, economical refrigerated vehicle- available as fresh food or deep-freeze food services models

  • The ideal solution for fresh or deep-freeze food as well as for delivering meat.
  • Available in various models and sizes, can be modified for fresh food or deep-freeze food service.
  • By using high end materials, our refrigerated body is extremely long-lasting and, should it be damaged, easy to be repaired.
  • Our refrigerated body lasts longer than a car does, meaning it can easily be taken off an old chassis and placed on a new one.
  • Outstanding insulation owing to our DUROLITE® panel technology and DUOFLEX® door sealant system. For this reason, you can expect substantially better refrigeration and lower fuel consumption.
  • Right-angled and smooth-surfaced interior space. This means you can optimize the amount of cases and pallets you load in.
  • Low empty weight owing to constant optimization of its weight and DUROLITE® panel technology.
  • Reliable torsion resistance thanks to KRESS having welded the portal frame fourfold as well as due to two stable stainless steel locks.
  • Outstanding corrosion protection owing to galvanised auxiliary frame.
  • Easy to clean due to standard drains, smooth surface of the interior and precise and careful sealing of all joints.
  • Fulfills all requirements of food hygiene regulation and is HACCP, ATP certified.

An overview of the standard truck body sizes - other dimensions upon request:


Wheel base

Truck body dimensions [L x W x H]

Cargo capacity*


Citroën Jumper

3450 mm

2820 x 1870 x 1600 mm

E2 cases: 147

Euro-pallets: 4

up to 1140 kg

Citroën Jumper

3800 mm

3320 x 1870 x 1920 mm

E2-cases: 210

Euro- pallets: 5

up to 1040 kg

Citroën Jumper

4035 mm

3620 x 2050 x 1920 mm

E2-cases: 270

Euro-pallets: 7

up to 920 kg

* Dimensions: E2-cases = 600x400x200 mm, Euro-pallet = 1200x800 mm, Rolling container = 810x720x1700 mm. loading capacity and payload depend on the chassis, truck body and specific model.

  • Compact vehicle, easy to handle and as flexible as a delivery van.
  • Optimal loading capacity owing to right angles of truck body, straight inner walls, optimized for loading of euro-cases or euro-pallets.
  • Outstanding insulation, similar to a refrigerated truck body. I
  • Extremely low loading edge for ease of entry.
  • Highly suitable models available for fresh food  and deep-freeze service , ATP certified.

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