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The latest development in refrigerated vehicle technology

Owing to the rising costs involved in operating any vehicule, the subject of "Total Cost of Ownership" has become more and more relevant. The high costs of fuel, the pressure to be more competitive, but also increased demands for energy efficiency and pollutant emissions reductions are becoming just as important as the original purchasing price and the cost of operating a vehicule during its lifetime.

While chassis manufacturers have complete control of the entire power train, the truck body producer can only meet these requirements in two areas: optimizing weight and air resistance (drag). As far as weight reduction is concerned, we have put considerable thought and energy into this problem for the last few years, resulting in, among other things, tremendous advances with our DUROLITE panel technology. Accordingly, we have now turned our focus on to the topic of aerodynamics and were thus able to lower the cw value of a complete vehicle by up to 22%, owing to a number of refinements.

  • Improved aerodynamics and road performance
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Further weight reduction without compromising stability of vehicle
  • Modern appearance by optimizing design

Those were our aims for the next generation of our already successful refrigerated truck bodies, which were known in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as the CoolerBox in the refrigeration logistics industry. In order to reach these goals, our technicians had to develop completely new ideas or make detailed modifications with these objectives in mind.

After almost two years of research and development, we have created a product which is unique in terms of refrigerated vehicule technology.

The result: CoolerBox2.0

Although the CoolerBox2.0 was based on the already successful CoolerBox, many of its features represent a completely new area of development. The result: improved Cw values and road performance, reduced fuel consumption, weight reduction while increasing the stability of the vehicule as well as a more up-to-date appearance owing to improvements in design. In this way, we were able to attain our goal which has always been increasing the transportation efficiency of our customers.

Advantages and details are listed below.

Improved aerodynamic properties of the CoolerBox2.0

Fuel savings of up to 3,12 L/100 km while drastically reducing CO2-emissions.

Recent studies by the VDA (German Automobile Industry Association) have shown that the air resistance of today's utility vehicules can be dramatically reduced by using wind tunnel technology to design the shape of the vehicule. The advantages to be gained are not inconsiderable: studies indicate that a reduction of air resistance of only 0,02 leads to fuel reduction of 1%.

Using advanced computer simulations (so-called CFD calculations) we were able to try out numerous variations and modifications. In these studies, we based our calculations using two generic chassis models which are representative of the truck bodies used for the chassis of both vans and trucks. In addition, our technicians redid these calculations taking into consideration various truck body sizes. The modifications on the van and truck bodies became more and more precise in order to reduce the drag step-by-step until we obtained the optimal design.

The concrete result was that we were able to improve the Cw value by up to 22,9 % - depending of course on the size of the truck or van body and chassis.

We presented our results to a well-known German utility vehicule manufacturer who was able to predicut a reduction in fuel comsumption of up to 3,12 liters per 100 km, based on our figures. CO2 emissions are also considerably reduced. The environment is thus spared tons of CO2.

What does this mean in concrete terms for the operator?

Based on a price of EUR 1,50 per liter for diesel and an average mileage of 50.000 km per year, you can save EUR 2.340,-- every single year!

And what about the environment?

Based on a mileage of 50.000 km per year you can spare the environment up to 4,13 tons CO2 a year. A considerable but realistic figure.

Examine the results of our development research yourself:

Flow optimization around the roof

  • flow separation occurs much more slowly and is considerably reduced
  • Smaller eddies formed
Strömungsverbesserung im Dachbereich
Strömungsverbesserung im Dachbereich

Flow optimization along the sides

  • Flow is considerably closer to the side walls
  • Improved flow dynamics at the rear and reduced dead water area
Strömungoptimierung im Seitenbereich
Strömungoptimierung im Seitenbereich
Cw-Wert Berechnung
Änderung Cw-Wert vorher-nachher
Verbrauchsreduktion CoolerBox2.0 bei verschiedenen Geschwindigkeiten
Reduktion CO2-Ausstoß bei verschiedenen Geschwindigkeiten

Reduced fuel consumption confirmed by comparison tests.

In order to confirm the results of our latest research development, we decided to carry out test drives In this way, we could test fuel consumption on an actual vehicule. Two types of tests were carried out.

In order to ensure a valid comparison of the test drives, the following measures were taken:

  • The vehicules were always driven using the exact same route (See map).
  • The same chassis was used in all test drives. Only the truck body was changed. All appliances on the vehicule (air conditioning, lights etc) were set to the same level. Automatic transmission was chosen to rule out any changes in result due to different shifting styles etc which could affect the results.
  • Drivers kept to the same driving speeds in the individual test drives as much as possible. Driving speeds were recorded and later compared to ensure speed comparabiity. (see illustration of velocity patterns).
  • Test drives took place under similar weather conditions.
  • All driving data was recorded using a GPS recorder in order to be able to verify and compare the data.

CoolerBox Standard




Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI
Wheelbase 3665mm
axle ratio i=3,923, ATM-Getr.
tires used 235/65 R16C

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI
Wheelbase 3665mm
axle ratio i=3,923, ATM-Getr.
tires used 235/65 R16C

Truck body-exterior measurements


L 3500 x B 2000 x H 2130 mm

L 3500 x B 2000 x H 2130 mm

Date of test drive




Total vehicule weight




route driven




Ø speed.




Max. speed.








fuel consumption




specific consumption




Fuel saved



- 3,93




- 104,25

These conclusions allowed us to state with certainty that the results we obtained from these aerodynamic optimizations were absolutely realistic. In fact, the fuel savings we had calculated could even have been increased depending on the driving conditions.

See the results of our comparison test drives visually:


New ways of joining together wall panels allow for optimal aerodynamic geometry as well as additional stability

New aerodynamically optimized corners on our truck bodies. Increased stability and greater torsional resistance.

The CoolerBox has always distinguished itself by its excellent torsional resistance and stability, which is certainly due in part to the stainless steel frame which was welded four times over. We have also improved the new KRESS CoolerBox2.0 in other ways. The individual elements of our DUROLITE® truck body have been interlocked even more robustly using grooved joints which have been specially developed by KRESS. In this way, the CoolerBox2.0 is even sturdier. Our particular way of constructing joints is currently under consideration at the patents office.

New Lock and Hinge Mechanisms on the Doors

Our new solutions to locks and hinges together with a new way of constructing door panels allow for greater durability, lower the weight, increase the pay load as well as provide effective protection against theft.

The door locks at the rear are no longer attached to the doors from the outside. Instead, they are placed in the door panels. Not only does this construction greatly improve protection against theft because the locking mechanism is no longer accessible from the outside but in addition, the smooth, uninterrupted surface is much more suitable for applying any sort of lettering or logo because one no longer has to deal with locking poles which only get in the way.

Our new compact aluminium hinges need less splace because the hinge panels could be kept very small, only minimally impacting the surface of the door. Furthermore, they are more resistant to bending and warping compared to conventionally built hinges. And they look better. The door panels offer a smooth and attractive surface for printing.

The side door retained an up-to-date pole hinge. The advantages: greater protection against damage because the hinges do not protrude on the sides as well as greater stability because the hinge runs along the entire length of the door panel, evenly distributing strength along the entire surface. Moreover, one has an attractive, smooth surface with which to display because there are no parts obstruding. Finally, our recessed hinges offer greater protection against theft because the attachment to the hinges is not accessible.

The construction of the door panels has also been improved: new construction and the use of lighter materials translates into less net weight. All of this serves to increase the payload. In addition, insulation is better because fewer metal reinforcement were used as well as an improved seal because of an additional 60 mm seal ring. These measures reduce loss of temperature.

Clearance lights set into the back sides

Improved protection against collision damage, improved aerodynamics and up-to-date look

One of the new and appealing featues of the CoolerBox2.0 is that LED clearance lights were set into the front side of the vehicule instead of simply screwing them on to the front surface. This is not only aerodynamically practical, it also looks good and offers real protection against collision damage. The lights can also not be damaged by being brushed by bushes or branches.

Umrissleuchte aerodynamisch versenkt

Of course the CoolerBox2.0 offers all the advantages you've come to enjoy from our previous products:

  • tested and certified according to ATP-FRC
  • HACCP certified by TÜV, meets requirements of Food hygiene regulations
    • ensures optimally hygienic conditions
    • legal protection for goods transported
  • qualified to transport temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products, meets the requirements of pharmaceuticals and active ingredients regulations and of WHO guidelines for Good Distribution Practice (GMP/GDP-WHO)
  • Superior payload due to constant weight optimization, considerable fuel consumption savings and lowered C02
  • emissions.
  • The latest in DUROLITE®-Paneeltechnik panel technology offers you considerable advantages in terms of weight, stability, insulation and finish, easy to repair and even recycleable for the last three years
    • Low net weight
    • Stable, impact-resistant surfaces
    • No joints or expansion joints
    • Ideal for use with lettering sheets
    • Easy to clean and repair
  • Powerful LongLife LowEnergy LED interior lights
    • Set into the roof which protects them effectively against damage
    • Long lasting
    • Energy efficient and minimal heat emission
  • Brand-name refrigeration units with extensive service area
  • High level of stability owing to the two solid stainless-steel hinges at the rear
  • Torsional resistance due to stainless-steel frames at the rear which were welded four times over
  • Truck body completely mounted using the latest in bonding technology without rivets or screws
  • side door with stainless-steel frame on all sides
  • Easy-to-open, well-insulated doors owing to optimized DUOFLEX® door sealing system
  • A variety of options available all designed for practical applications using the latest in low temperature control and multi-temperature control systems
  • Excellent standard equipment, large array of specialized equipment suitable for a variety of industrial requirements
  • Ideal for fresh produce and deep-freeze transport in all sizes, particularly suitable for van and truck-chassis of all leading manufacturers of utility vehicles.

You would like to learn more about the CoolerBox2.0? Click here to receive more information. Thank you for your interest in KRESS Kühlfahrzeugen for efficient refrigeration logistics.