Special Features Refrigerated Vehicles

With these options we can modify the vehicle to exactly suit your needs- That means maximum efficiency

You can find a few details concerning special features for KRESS refrigerated vehicles. We have a large range of possibilities to adapt our vehicles to suit your individual needs. There are so many that we can't possibly show them all here! We would be more than happy to come up with a custom-designed product in consultation with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at:  Tel. 06226-9263-0 or by using our contact form.

By clicking on the images you will see them in magnified form.

Load Securement

Lashing Rails/Extendable Rod

Lashing tracks are easy to adjust in combination with locking bars or lashing straps while offering total safety.

Airline Tracks

In combination with our Airline tracks, you will have no trouble using our locking rods or lashing belts and since Airline tracks are designed for easy cleaning, hygiene is really easy to maintain.

JFS tracks for securing your containers on wheels

Convenient and flexible securing of rolling containers  for food on a wall track.

Vertical load securement

Extremely flexible and reliable securing of pallets or containers with wheels, among other things also for multi-chamber truck bodies which have been divided lengthwise.

Cargo area features

Folding shelf

Wall shelf rack with aluminium folding shelves, all shelves consisting of aluminium slates, easy to fold away and height can be adjusted.

Evaporator protective frame

Damage to the evaporator owing to driving motion or the vehicle being struck can easily be avoided thanks to its protective frame.

Tubular tracks on the ceiling

Makes transporting meat easy! All reinforcements are integrated in the structure. Our standard tubular tracks come equipped with connecting end pieces, anti-slip and safety catches.

Aluminium floor pan

Inner floor with aluminium surface (either pitted or barley corn surface). Skirting board welded  to be watertight in order to have a closed pan.

Door and Portal Features


Refrigeration bulkhead opens electrically via a pull switch. It can be closed automatically by programming in a certain time which means it all happens without anyone having to physically do anything, thus providing a high degree of security and reliability. The opening can be adjusted to be on the right or left side.

Sliding sectional door

Sectional door is easy to operate and even simpler to open, thus making temperature control even easier.  Especially suitable for ramps and temperature airlocks, where there is simply no room for door leaves. Available for fresh or frozen food service.

Rear video system

To ensure safe and accurate backing up of vehicles, we offer powerful and reliable video systems. A number of our vehicle models make it possible to have the camera signal installed on the monitor seen by the driver in the cabin.

Hydraulic platforms / tail lifts

Hydraulic platforms are the logical choice when loading or unloading pallets or containers with wheels.
For refrigeration vehicles with temperatures of up to ca. +5°C the platform can be installed as a rear lock without having separate door leaves. This makes loading even more efficient since no doors need be opened. If the platform is large enough, the tailgate can also be dispensed with.
A 2/3-wide hydraulic platform combined with a tri-sectional rear door allows access via one  of the sections to the loading area without using the platform. Tail lifts which can be lowered also allow for opening the doors without using the hydraulic platform. Makes driving to loading ramps easy.

Insulating Curtain

Insulating slated blinds placed behind the door leafs minimizes changes in temperature when the door is opened. Sturdy and able to be adjusted cross-wise (see image)available. Ribbed contouring of the slates prevents them from sticking together.

Rear portal with three or four partitions

A rear door partitioned into three allows one to enter through the middle of the truck body, thus minimizing temperature changes. Naturally one, two or all three partitions can be opened, as needed.
Our version with four partitions has the advantage of easily raising the middle partition since no locks needed to be opened. The middle partition takes up very little room owing to its narrow shape and thus do not stand in the way when opened.

CoolerLock central locking system

Especially for distribution services and pharmaceutical logistics which typically include a lot of stops in their routes is it important to have a reliable system in place to prevent theft- particularly when valuable cargo is involved. Just press the button and all doors are securely locked- both of the cab and the truck body.

Long-lasting steel impact protection with wheels

Impact protection bumpers made of an elastomer are subject to a lot of wear and tear owing to the fact that they are there to absorb all sorts of bumps and shearing movement. Our bumpers equipped with wheels prevent the bumper from rubbing against the ramp which can occur with the raising and lowering of the vehicle when loading or unloading cargo. The latest model of this KRESS product is made to be especially robust and last a long time due to our purposely avoiding use of rubber elements.in its construction The wheels are placed on solid steel springs.

Getting in


Comfortable ladder to get in the vehicle, specially designed for vans. Takes up very little room when put away. Makes it possible to get in without having to hold on to anything owing to the low height of the steps.

TriStep (Version S or L)

Comfortable three-step ladder to get into the vehicle, specially designed for taller vehicles. Takes up very little room when folded away. Makes it easy to get in without holding on to anything owing to the wide steps. Available in two step widths.

Broad van rear step

Our broad rear entrance step allows for easy and safe getting in and out of the vehicle, especially useful for distribution service with its many stops.

Retractable step

Entry step for vans. Takes up very little space when folded away. Easy to get in owing to wide step surface.

Expandable ladder

Entry ladder reaching right up to the street for additional comfort. Makes getting into the vehicle easy without having to hold on the anything owing to the low height of the steps.

Multi-Temperature systems/multi-chamber systems

Multi-Temperature Systems

We offer partition wall systems in both horizontal and vertical directions for up to three separate temperature zones. For further information please do not hesitate to ask us for the relevant brochures.

FlexWall: partition wall system

Our partition wall system allows you to configure in the way that best suits you with a variety of elements to push in or slide in or out. The back element can be made to pivot which makes opening and closing a simple matter indeed. You can find more information under our Innovations.


Partition can be used as needed. Also suited for deep-freeze. Is simply placed between two walls. No prior preparation or extra equipment on the truck body needed. Very lightweight. Easy to handle.

Partition wall system (lengthwise)

By using a partition wall lengthwise you have the advantage that both chambers can be loaded from the rear. Both chambers can be made in pallet width if desired.

Adjustable partition wall (crosswise)

Adjustable crosswise partition by means of an adaptable partition which can be moved lengthwise. When not in use, the partition can simply be swiveled under the ceiling. If desired, the partition can also be equpped with an evaporator flap. The flap makes it possible to push the partition over the front evaporator on to the front wall, when not in use. For more information, please see our innovations.


Easy to use partition wall system with three insulated individual sections, easily adjusted lengthwise. By adjusting the three separate units cross-wise, the partition can be opened at various spots. Limited use for deep-freeze. Extremely effective way of retaining refrigeration.

Other equipment

Dachspoiler / Aeropakete

Roof spoiler made of glass fiber-reinforced plastic. Many variations available,  2D and
3D variants, exclusive design and aerodynamics. Easily removed to service refrigeration unit.
3D roof spoiler combined with side flaps, attached sideways on the cab. Exclusive design and still further improved aerodynamics, particularly suitable for wide truck bodies.