With the right refrigerated vehicle you can make your refrigeration logistics more efficient

And just what is the right efficient vehicle? It has to be tailored, fitted and optimized for its intended use- which turns it into an economically and ecologically sensible solution for the many thousands of kilometers of profitable temperature-controlled transport.

„The refrigerated truck bodies of the CoolerBox2.0 line already bring two important advantages in the standard version ," explains Joachim Kress, Managing Director of specialist company KRESS Kühlfahrzeugbau.

Kress continues: „the aerodynamic design of refrigerated or insulated truck bodies is impossible to overlook. And Calculculations and Test drives have once again proven the considerable savings on fuel and reduced emissions. And of course the customers notice this advantage every time they look at their gas bills. Not something to be taken lightly given the price trends of fuel at the moment. ."

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All those using KRESS aerodynamic-refrigerated truck bodies enjoy fuel efficiency regardless of the engine in place

The second fundamentally important advantage of all CoolerBox2.0 truck bodies, regardless of whether we are talking about a transporter or a truck: more payload capacity owing to low empty weight.

KRESS has developed its own DUROLITE panel technology in its own manufacturing center located in Meckesheim near Heidelberg. Using these highly insulating panels we manufacture refrigerated and deep-freeze truck bodies. In this way, KRESS can build among the lightest refrigerated truck bodies in Germany. And the same logistics rule applies to all: More cargo means more profit.

This payload efficiency of all KRESS Kühlfahrzeuge kann bei einer weiteren Herausforderung für die Kühllogistik helfen.

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Tolls are going to be more expensive for many areas of refrigeration logistics in 2019. But not for everyone.

Tolls are said to increase on about 52000 km of Germany highways and federal roads. Also on inner-city roads. Avoids the tolls is practically impossible. From 1.1.2019 tolls will be calculated using a new calculation factor.

From 7.5 tons GVW not only will the number of axles be a factor but also the total permissible weight. This means refrigeration vehicles over 18 tons GVW are about to be charged considerably more . Details on the German toll system can be found here: Mautänderungen

An important change is also worth noting. The weight class must be entered on the On-Board-Unit. For vehicles over 18 tons the nunber of axles must also be included. The driver also has a duty to do this. Forgetting to do this or giving false information can be expensive.
Many fresh produce and refrigerated logistics companies transport up to 3954 kg cargo without having to pay a toll.

To this end KRESS has been manufacturing the right vehicles for several years already.

Our experts from the KRESS sales team are happy to help you in your selection of the right refrigerated vehicle for you. Please let us inform you on the various KRESS industry solutions for, among others:

  • Meat and meat products
  • Bakeries and baked good.
  • Fresh fish, meat and processed meat products.
  • Food logistics.
  • HoReCa and event services
  • Pharmaceutical and LifeScience products
  • Fruits, vegetables, plants.

A brief profile of KRESS Kühlfahrzeuge

KRESS Fahrzeugbau GmbH is a mid-sized family enterprise which has been specializing in the development and construction of economical, efficient refrigerated vehicles and truck bodies of the highest quality for over 20 years. At our plant in Meckesheim near Heidelberg we manufacture over 500 refrigerated transporters, trucks and trailers. KRESS works with a number of well-known commercial vehicle manufacturers. KRESS delivers directly from our plant as well as via commercial vehicle dealerships. We have service partners all over Germany as well as in neighbouring countries.

Daimler - VanPartner, GU-Partner ‖ Ford - Qualified Vehicle Modifier ‖ IVECO - Einrechnungspartner ‖ MAN - Certified Body Builder ‖ Opel - Certified Converter ‖ Renault - Zertifizierter Aufbauer ‖ Volkswagen - Premium Partner

Mehr Information unter Telefon +49 (0)6226 9263-0 und auf www.kress.eu. Prospekte können auch unverbindlich direkt angefordert werden.

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