Refrigerated Truck with Blind Spot Assistance- less stress for the driver, more safety on the road

Refrigerated truck with Blind Spot Assistance- less stress for the driver, more safety on the road

Gastronomy and retail branch delivery in the inner city and greater metropolitain area- not an easy job for the driver of a refrigerated vehicle.

Many points of delivery. a tight delivery schedule because the next customer is already waiting. Often there is very little room to park and unload. Let's not forget a tight window of opportunity to drive and deliver in pedestrian zones.

Not to mention having to concentrate closely on street traffic: pedestrians, children, cyclists, electric mopeds, oncoming traffic, traffic from the side, parked cars, traffic lights, various traffic signs, turn left, turn right- that is a lot of stress for one driver!

Blind-spot Assistance can be a lifesaver- figuratively and literally. Offers more safety for others on the road as well as for the driver, vehicle and cargo. Puts an end to accidents due to blind spots.

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For this reason KRESS has now included Blind-Spot Assistance in their range of products

Turning right, in particular, can easily lead to accidents happening because truck drivers cannot see blind-spots on the right side.

Especially accidents with cyclists and electric scooters can have serious consequences.

„To avoid so-called blind-spot accidents, camera and software based blind-spot assistance has become extremely effective and quite feasible ",

explains Joachim Kress, Managing Director of refrigerated vehicle specialists KRESS, „at least the various tests and experience in logistics have shown this to be true. This special equipment feature fits in with our efficiency concept for our refrigerated vehicles. From 2022-2024 blind spot assistance systems are anyway said to become obligatory. "

KRESS, whose fuel-efficient aerodynamic refrigerated truck body CoolerBox2.0 can be seen on refrigerated vehicles all over Europe ("permanently efficient"), has developed in cooperation with the manufacturer LUIS Technology from Hamburg the blind spot assistance system "TURN DETECT" for their customers, to be included on the initial equpment of their refrigerated vehicles.

What advantages does our TURN DETECT® system offer?

  • Very large detection angle to the side and behind the wide angle camera
  • Detection area according to specifications of the BMVI to the second row
  • Completely funtional even when it is dark
  • Real-time evaluation of images
  • Static objects are filtered out
  • Optic and acustic warning
  • General operating permission given, BMVI conform and eligible for financing

To attain optimal configuration of the system, KRESS refrigerated vehicle experts go through the needs of the customers step by step. Actively avoiding blind spot accidents is part of efficient refrigeration logistics. The blind spot system is also suitable for refrigerated vans.

At the commercial vehicle trade fair NutNUFAM 2019 KRESS has just displayed their new blind-spot assistance system. In an IVECO Eurocargo with a CoolerBox2.0-deep-freeze truck body.

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A short profile: KRESS Kühlfahrzeuge

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