KRESS wins worldwide design contest with their refrigerated truck body CoolerBox2.0

Innovation and outstanding design quality of the CoolerBox2.0 convinced the 40 members of the expert jury at the Red Dot Award 2014. Experts in the field evaluated 4815 submissions from 53 countries.

The KRESS refrigerated truck body CoolerBox2.0 was awarded the highly sought-after Red Dot seal of quality.

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KRESS has now received official acknowledgement for the innovative path they have chosen to travel. Indeed, this award has given them an extra push to continue along the same track. The development team as well as the entire company is proud and happy about this latest nod of recognition, especially since the feedback from consumers and the market in general has been overwhelmingly positive. This reaction was made very clear after a poll was taken among customers

"Here in Meckesheim wedon't just continue developing and improving our products in a random way. On the contrary, we get our input from talks with customers, drivers and with logistics experts.", explains Joachim Kress. The managing director of the mid-sized refrigerated vehicle manufacturer adds: „How can we make refrigerated transport for our customers even more reliable and more efficient? What can we do to make our refrigerated truck bodies and vehicles even safer and more productive for our clients? How can we reduce fuel consumption? What about CO2 emissions? How can we make loading and unloading easier? How does central locking of the driver´s cab amd truck body benefit the driver and impact security of the goods in question? By asking these sorts of questions, we decide what path to take in order to find relevant solutions for the different industries."

The aerodynamic design of the r CoolerBox2.0 is an answer to these questions. The jury headed by Prof. Dr. Peter Zec at the Red Dot Award 2014 were convinced by our answer.

The design prize will be awarded on July at the traditional Red Dot Gala in Essen. Our CoolerBox2.0 can be seen at the "Design on Stage".

to download high-definition photos simply click on the pictures ... (up to 5 MB)

Until now "design and aesthetics" were hardly relevant in constructing truck bodies for refrigerated vehicles. The new DUROLITE®-truck body CoolerBox2.0 was developed by incorporating the experience and demands of the customer and well as of experts in construction, production, service and marketing and by maintaining "efficiency" as our catchword..The features of our CoolerBox2.0 directly reflect Form follows Function:

The smooth sidewalls seamlessly go in an optimized 100mm radius into the front wall: improved aerodynamics, reducedi Cw value(up to ca. 30%), fuel consumption (up to 3,9L/100km) and CO2 emissions (ca. 8t/100Tkm).

The fittings at the rear and side doors, lighting at the front of the vehicle are all either flush to the surface, inset or completely built in: improved aerodynamics, theft protection, improved handling, smooth "clean" surfaces, without an obstrusive elemtns all indicate hygiene and allow for effective market branding on the part of the customer owing to improved surface for lettering.

the visually elegant CoolerBox2.0 clearly distinguishes itself from other refrigerated truck bodies on the market.


Experience efficiency – KRESS refrigerated vehicles with the aerodynamically optimized CoolerBox2.0 can be testdriven all over Germany.

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