KRESS –Innovative Refrigerated Vehicle Solutions for over 25 Years

Efficient, high end  truck bodies for refrigerated vehicle –  at KRESS we have consistently been focusing on such vehicles since 1996.

What features are important when you are buying a refrigerated vehicle, regardless of the industry?

Low operating and maintenance costs, large payload, lots of loading capacity,  secure and easy handling of the vehicle while it is in use for refrigerated transport or when loading or unloading.

Also something to consider: Premium quality translates into a long-lasting vehicle that is capable of transporting for many, many kilometers as well as great resale value.  l

And let's not forget the security and reliability that comes from truly competent and fair expert advice as well as outstanding service.

For 25 years we at KRESS have been focusing on exactly these aspects while creating our technology, design and service concept. And they are also the starting points for all of our improvements, both big and small, and for the further development of our products.

A concrete example for customer-oriented improvement is our aluminium floor pan which has been welded to be leak proof

To be sure, not everyone requiring a refrigerated vehicle needs to worry about liquids leaking.  Nevertheless our innovative solution is highly advantageous for many industries, such as transporting meat, fish and similar products.

The load which can be in rolling containers or pallets is secured by means of vertical locking bars which lock into place in holes of the floor tracks. KRESS has just made such tracks unnecessary.

  • The poles lock in directly into holes cut in the aluminum floor.
  • The cargo is still tightly secured with vertical locking poles so it doesn't slide around.
  • The pan remains completely leak proof.
  • Rolling containers can still be wheeled easily over the aluminum floor.
  • Hygienic cleaning is made still easier.

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It's obvious: anyone investing in a refrigerated vehicle is also looking for the best solution in technological, economic and ecological terms for his own individual use

A clever investment means obtaining a product that has been customized to suit one's logistical organization and one's business circumstances with its own particular processes.

For this reason, KRESS has specialized in building efficient refrigerated truck bodies for use on equally efficient chassis of all well-known commercial vehicle manufacturers. Bodies for trailers, vans and trucks- including heavy-duty distribution transport. Savings on energy and fuel for all types of motor.

Furthermore KRESS develops and produces their own efficient KRESS refrigerated truck bodies directly at their plant in Meckesheim, near Heidelberg in Baden.   Our core processes  have been developed according to a  "one piece flow concept" and supported by an individual Kanban sytem.
Quality and environment management have of course both been certified.

KRESS refrigerated bodies have been certified according to  ATP/HACCP. They also fulfill all legal requirements of the regulations for food hygiene.

KRESS refrigerated  bodies can also be certified to transport pharmaceutical and life science products in accordance with  GMP-/GDP guidelines and according to  AMWHV.

Quality, flexibility and fast delivery are real advantages for KRESS customers. From unit lot sizes of one to one hundred and more.  To better serve our customers, we have significantly expanded our manufacturing area.

Further economic advantages for customers of KRESS refrigerated bodies

KRESS designed their own uniquely durable, light yet offering maximum insulation  DUROLITE®-sandwich panels which were created with truck bodies in mind. They are also manufactured in our very own manufacturing plant.  For all these reasons, KRESS refrigerated bodies are among the most efficient on the market when it comes to payload.

Even more effective in combination with our very own KRESS  DUOFLEX® door sealant system. The system which we also developed offers incredible performance when it comes to keeping  the expensive cold air in the loading area. Includes easy to open doors.

KRESS customers can choose from a variety of equipment options to customize their vehicle to suit their own particular needs. The expert consultants at KRESS are ready to assist you and have the advantage of drawing upon the experience of thousands of refrigerated vehicle configurations for all industries requiring the transport of  temperature-sensitive goods.

Particularly when it comes to multi-temperature or multi-chamber systems, loading room equipment and load securement. Of course available for current technical features for refrigeration, hydraulic platforms, temperature recording, turning assistance systems, telecommunications und connectivity. Many of these components are  state funded. KRESS expert consultants are there to advice and assist you.

For over 10 years KRESS has successfully been a market leader with the aerodynamic refrigerated body CoolerBox2.0

The perfect combination of an efficient chassis with the aerodynamically optimized design of our KRESS refrigerated body reduces fuel or, in general terms, energy consumption by up 20 % and thus also contributes to putting less strain on our environment.

KRESS is celebrated THREE anniversaries this yeark!

Joachim Kress, managing director of the refrigerated vehicle manufacturer, is happy to provide some details:

"Our family business started out 111 years ago as a  millwright "start up company", if you will.  Soon afterwards KRESS began making commercial vehicles and trailers. 25 years ago we focused exclusively on constructing refrigerated vehicles.  10 years ago we developed the aerodynamic body CoolerBox2.0. Further development steps were thus initiated."

Important for refrigerated trucks: take advantage of current De-minimis state funding possibilities!

KRESS offers an extensive catalogue of optional features to equip refrigerated vehicles from 7.5 tons GVW and make them even more efficient for their respective use. Furthermore, there are a variety of state funding options for quite a few of these components. Applications are accepted until  30.09.2021.

That's why it is important not to wait.  KRESS consultants from our external and internal sales teams are pleased to assist you in submitting your application.

In the overview below, it is easy to see which KRESS components are being funded by the Bundesamt für Güterverkehr for equipping refrigerated trucks (from 7.5 tons). Both for furnishing new vehicles as well as equipping older models. More information concerning our various models can be found here.

Turning Assistance System TURN DETECT

This turning assistance system has proven itself time and time again and is based on  using a camera/software solution. Accidents caused by blind spots are thus avoided. The other drivers on the road are also made more secure- and so is the vehicle and its load. The driver's job is made less stressful, particularly when it comes to the tight spaces and heavy traffic in the inner city.

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Individual components available for securing load

KRESS offers a wide array of specific anchor channels as well as locking poles and bars. They serve to secure and affix valuable cargo and stop it from sliding around.


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Refrigerated dividers and matching systems for multi-chamber or multi-temperature zones in one body

KRESS has a variety of divider wall systems available to separate the cargo area in both vertical and horizontal directions. They can be permanently built in or flexibly adjustable.
Among these we are proud to offer our FlexWall system together with various adjustable horizontal separating walls, such as the particularly ergonomic Easy-T system. Also available are a number of  flexible and easy to handle divider wall solutions, such as IsoFlex und TempWall.

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Tried and true insulating curtains and bulkheads

Costly cooled air stays in the cargo area longer owing to insulating slated curtains which are set up directly behind the door leaves or frame.  Firmly affixed and horizontally adjustable solutions are both possible. Another possibility is an insulating bulkhead which is activated by a timer: our "rolltop". Is manually opened by using one finger Closes automatically.

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Roof spoiler, aerodynamic aids and aeropackages

The KRESS  aerodynamic refrigerated body CoolerBox2.0 has been designed to save up to 20 % (Cw value is reduced by up to 22,9 %, depending on size of body and specific chassis) in fuel and thus energy. Of course pollutant emissions are therefore also reduced.

To download high-resolution images simply click on the pictures  ... (up to 7 MB)

State funding makes it even more attractive to invest in these additional features. Official explanations concerning all features eligible for funding can be found here. Or you can simply call us.  Before application deadlines have passed and funding is no longer available feel free to contact us at +49 (0)6226 9263-0

KRESS Kühlfahrzeuge: A Short Profile

KRESS Fahrzeugbau GmbH is a mid-sized, family-run company which has been specialized in the development and manufacturing of economical, efficient refrigerated vehicles and truck bodies for over 20 years. At our plant in Meckesheim near Heidelberg we produce to customer specifications roughly 500 refrigerated vans, truck bodies and trailers. KRESS works together with all well-known commercial vehicle manufacturers. KRESS delivers ex works as well as via commercial vehicle dealerships. We have service partners all over Germany as well as in bordering countries.

Daimler - VanPartner, GU-Partner ‖ Ford - Qualified Vehicle Modifier ‖ IVECO - Einrechnungspartner ‖ MAN - Certified Body Builder ‖ Opel - Certified Converter ‖ Renault - Zertifizierter Aufbauer ‖ Volkswagen - Premium Partner

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