IAA 2018: Efficiency lowers refrigeration transport costs

12 efficient refrigeration vehicles at the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair in Hannover demonstrate how lowering costs in refrigeration logistics works: with the economical and capacious aerodynamic refrigeration truck bodies KRESS CoolerBox2.0.

„By showing about a dozen various refrigeration vehicles we are able to display a small cross-section of our product range at this year's trade fair, including efficient solutions for 'green-logistics strategies' of our customers and consumers. We have also included a few new items," is Joachim Kress's way of explaining the strong presence of the refrigeration vehicle expert at the trade fair.

KRESS displays some very different versions of its aerodynamic refrigeration truck body CoolerBox2.0, configured for very different needs all resulting from temperature-controlled transport : from the fully electric StreetScooter to multi-chamber truck bodies for fresh produce logistics to tubular trucks for the suspended transport of fresh meat. Of course all truck bodies are available with ATP/HACCP certification.

Sure to be of special interest: the fully electric refrigerated and deep freeze vehilces as well as refrigeration vans and trucks with electric motors CNG (Gas) motors and of course those with up-to-date conventional diesel motors.


Here we provide you with an overview of the individual exhibit vehicles displaying a KRESS CoolerBox2.0 truck body

  • IVECO Eurocargo with CNG motor and KRESS CoolerBox2.0 Maxi, emission-free refrigeration - KRESS Halle 27 E 10

Equpped with a hydraulic platform which can be maneuvered with precision (e.g. adjustment to floor level and slopes. The latest multi-temp- cross-partition with energy-saving, ergonomic „Easy-T" equipment. Quite simply an optimally economical solution for national and inner-city electricity-based distribution transport.

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with CoolerBox2.0 City on low frame chassis and the latest electric refrigeration unit - KRESS Halle 27 E 10

Low loading platform, aerodynamically advantageous total height. The electric refrigeration unit operates independently of the vehicle motor. These are significant advantages when the vehicle has to stop often and with repeated door openings which is often the case when supplying branch stores.

  • StreetScooter WORK L with CoolerBox2. truck body and fully electric refrigeration unit - KRESS Halle 27 E 10

Perfect for catering, gastronomy, bakeries , pastry shops, butcher shops and high end product- flexible, quiet and absolutely environmentally-friendly delivery. Even in the narrow streets of the inner city, can even be used in car parks. payload ca. 500 kg, Range ca. 100 km.
The vehicle has already impressed visitors of INTERNORGA coming from the HoReCa industry. Of course it doesn't hurt that the CoolerBox2.0 looks great and of high quality.

  • Fiat Ducato with KRESS CoolerBox2.0 - a successful combination - KRESS outdoor grounds T09

A practical and extremely economical 5 pallet fresh product vehile for payloads of 1200 kg . A high achiever at an attractive price.

  • Volkswagen Transporter T6 with KRESS CoolerBox2.0 - KRESS outdoor grounds T09

The latest payload-optimized model with a low frame chassis. The advantages are obvious: low loading platform, lower vehicle total height and astounding payload efficiency.

  • MAN TGM with KRESS CoolerBox2.0 Maxi in two-compartment version- KRESS outdoor grounds T09

18 pallet cargo space,divided lengthwise. 3 wing rear door helps to save on transport refrigeration; powerful hydraulic platform. Especially useful: The two compartments can be easily closed with the new ergodynamically-designed partitions „Easy-T" from KRESS.

  • Mercedes-Benz Antos with CoolerBox2.0 Maxi-truck body for the meat industry - KRESS outdoor grounds T09

Extremely robust vehicle , equipped with 4 meat suspension rods , roll bumper at the rear entrance and retractable tail lift- features which make it suitable for a variety of uses.

  • Mercedes-Benz Actros with KRESS CoolerBox2.0 Maxi-deep-freeze truck body and underfloor refrigeration unit - Mercedes-Benz Halle 14

A particularly aerodynamic truck body due to our optimized front wall and low total height of the vehicle. Accomodates 18 pallets. Powerful tail lift (2000 kg loading capacity), roll bumper and rearview video camera makes getting the job done easier for the driver. The underfloor refrigeration unit further improves the aerodynamics and offers optimal driving conditions. The consumer will certainly notice reduced fuel consumption and tire wear.

  • IVECO Daily with CNG motor and KRESS CoolerBox2.0 in two chamber version - IVECO outdoor grounds P36

Low emission natural gas motor ; refrigerated truck body with two temperature zones, separated by a cross partition. A practical and economical vehicle that can be used in all industries.

  • IVECO Eurocargo with KRESS CoolerBox2.0 Maxi - IVECO outdoor grounds P36

the 18 pallet truck body in a two-compartment and multi-temp version has been equipped with the latest „Easy-T" partition. Roll bumper and rearview video camera as well as remote control tail lift makes operating this vehicle child's play- well almost!

  • Volkswagen Transporter T 6 with KRESS CoolerBox2.0 - Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge Halle 12

A fast and economical two chamber vehicle with flexible IsoFlex partition for variable, cross-separation which still guarantees constant refrigeration. Simple and easy to handle. Equipped with practical tail ramp and a chassis that can be lowered when needed, all of which make for efficient loading.

  • Volkswagen Crafter 35 with KRESS CoolerBox2.0 TK truck body- Heifo Rüterbories outdoor grounds T25

... -equipped with fully electric, emission-free and super-quiet refrigeration unit. Offers a lot of payload right in the city!

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Why is KRESS showing so many vehicles at the IAA 2018?

„We manufacture in Germany. We react well in advance to the demands of our clients. Quickly. Even improvements in the details can transform into enormous advantages for our customers. We are eager to show that at this trade fair.", sums up Joachim Kress.

Experienced KRESS service personnel as well as experts from KRESS partners are in Hannover from the 20 to the 27th of September 2018 and they are eager to show you something! That is the most important thing for a successful trade fair. All questions are welcome.

About KRESS Kühlfahrzeuge

KRESS Fahrzeugbau GmbH is a mid-sized, family-owned enterprise which has been specializing in the development and manufacture of economical, high-quality and efficient refrigerated trucks and truck bodies for over 20 years. Situated in Meckesheim near Heidelberg we produce over 500 refrigerated vans, trucks and truck bodies. KRESS works with all well-known commercial vehicle manufacturers. KRESS delivers ex works as well as via commercial vehicle dealers. There are service partners all over Germany as well as in bordering countries.

For more information call +49 (0)6226 9263-0 or visit us at www.kress.eu. You can order information and brochures any time.

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