Greater efficiency for your refrigerated Vehicle: new lashing rails along with Outstanding Insulation on the CoolerBox2.0

New Airline Lashing Rails in the Refrigerated Truck Body

"When the cargo starts sliding around and you hear things moving in the refrigerated truck body, it's usually too late."

"When the cart turns into a projectile, pallets and containers slide around, roll containers tip over, when valuable cargo is damaged and ends up all over the cargo area, orders get mixed up. And then you have customers waiting for their delivery and getting upset. All of that costs time, effort and money. And it can all be avoided so long as the cargo is reliably secured. ", states Joachim Kress, Managing Director of refrigerated vehicle specialist KRESS.

KRESS has now expanded its already extensive array of technical features concerning securing cargo by adding an additional lashing rail.

The new Airline lashing rail makes reliable securing of cargo easy owing to significant advantages for the user:

  • Accurately secured cargo owing to tight latching of the Airline lashing rails
  • Heavy duty since the special workmanship of the back side of the rails allows for a firm, smooth joining to the wall of the truck body without having pressed away adhesive
  • In this way fewer rivets need to be used
  • The cargo is not affected in any way since the aluminium lashing rails are characterized by a precise design and weight-saving measurements
  • Outstanding level of hygience, easy, fast and thorough cleaning because dirt can't get stuck in grooves or accumulate in corners
  • Effective securing of cargo in combination with locking beams and lashing straps. Flexible and fast.

Particularly when it comes to supplying branches or in the HoReCa sector lots of cargo needs to be unloaded in one trip.

And often a variety of containers are used to store the cargo, for example pallets, cases, baskets, roll containers, sacks, cartons and buckets.

In these cases it is especially important that the cargo be quickly and easily re-secured. Especially if the driver has to come back with empty cases.

Nothing slides around, nothing fals over, nothing gets damaged. Neither when driving or accelerating, nor when braking or stopping. The deliveries arrive safe and secure at their destination.

Even our standard KRESS floor contributes to securing the cargo.

And during the checks?

Have a look in the cargo area, at the secured cargo, have a look at the certificates on the wall within. Paragraphs 22, 23 of the StVO keep it all simple for the driver since he can easily continue on his journey. Without fuss, without any arguments or disagreements, without having to wait around or pay for fines or acquiring points in the register in Flensburg.

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Outstanding insulation value for the CoolerBox2.0 - now confirmed by TÜV

The current ATP test gave a result of a k value of 0,36 W/m²K for the CoolerBox2.0 Maxi. The total heat transmission coefficient is for a 8 m refrigerated truck body with a rear two-winged door and a side door- an outstanding result!

Once again current tests show the excellent insulation offered by the KRESS DUROLITE® wall construction. And of course how well the KRESS DUOFLEX® -door sealant system keeps the cold air in the refrigerated truck body.

This not only spares the refrigeration unit which then needs to be turned on less often but also saves money since you need less fuel as well.

Every six years ATP type examinations are carried out on KRESS refrigerated truck bodies in accordance with „regulations at the international level concerning transportation of easily spoiled foods and concerning particular transportation which must be used for this sort of transport. ".

The ATP test is not necessary within Germany but is mandatory when borders are crossed. In France, for example, this certificate is also necessary within France.

"As far as we are concerned", explains Joachim Kress, „this exam is simply part of our strategy towards maximum efficiency and quality. We complement efficient base vehicles of commercial vehicle manufacturers with whom we work together by adding in our refrigerated truck bodies to come up with highly efficient transportation systems. For this reason our customers choose KRESS refrigerated vehicles for their business.".

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KRESS Kühlfahrzeuge: A Short Profile

KRESS Fahrzeugbau GmbH is a mid-sized family-run business which has been specializing in the manufacturing and development of economical, efficient and top quality refrigerated vehicles and truck bodies for over 20 years. At our plant in Meckesheim near Heidelberg we produce roughly 600 refrigerated vehicles of all sorts, including vans, trucks and trailers every year. KRESS works with all well-known commercial vehicle manufacturers. KRESS delivers ex works as well as via commercial vehicle dealerships. We have service partners all over Germany and in bordering countries. ,

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