Effiicent food service and fresh food logistics with practical multi-chamber temperature-controlled vehicles

No one can overlook the trend to consolidate various product lines when supplying large-scale commercial customers. Multi-temperature refrigerated vehicles are obviously the perfect choice for an economically feasible solution

„One stop supplying of large-scale commercial customers in the food industry- for example, gastronomy, industrial kitchens, food retail service, gas stations, bakeries- who have a variety of products which all have to be kept at different temperatures can save a lot of kilometers in transportation and thus lead to real cost savings", concluded Joachim Kress, Managing Director of North-Baden refrigerated vehicle specialist KRESS. „Of course the refrigerated vehicles have to be properly equipped for the task! .".

What does the ideal refrigerated vehicle need for efficient temperature-controlled delivery service involving perishables?

The most important matter is that the goods ordered arrive at their destination in perfect and of course sanitary condition. An efficient refrigerated vehicle must, therefore, be better integrated in the logistics process.

This is especially true if the economic logistics principle 'one order, one delivery, one bill' is to be followed. For this to happen the efficient temperature-controlled vehicle has to become a part of the logistics IT system. A proven unbroken refrigerated delivery chain and best before date security are two important key words. With KRESS refrigerated vehicles almost all possibilities can be achieved.

We usually speak of 5 temperature zones in food logistics:

  • Deep-freeze zone: -18 °C and colder
    Deep-freeze goods such as ice cream, frozen ready-prepared meals, frozen vegetables, frozen fish, meat, bakery products etc.
  • Ultra perishable zone: 0 ° to+4 °C
    Fresh milk, soft cheese and cold cuts, salads, also cut up salads, poultry, raw noodle products, some convenience foods.
  • Perishable zone: +4 ° to+7 °C
    Cheese, smoked goods, ham, some types of fruit and vegetable
  • Room temperature zone: +14 ° to+21 °C
    Chocolate, sweets, coffee, red and white wine, drinks in general,
  • Dry cargo zone over 0 °C
    Preserves, pasta, nuts, flour, sugar, legums, rice and non-food products

Refrigerated vehicles are usually employed with two or three temperature zones (3 chamber solution). Four are of course possible. The temperature zones are flexible, depending on the size of the cargo area, and can be adjusted according to the goods received for delivery.

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KRESS offers several modular systems for multi-chamber solutions

KRESS offers modular systems which make it possible to divide the truck body either vertically or horizontally, permanently or temporarily. Completely individual solutions, based on the concrete use of the vehicle, are something we deal with often at KRESS.

After all, the gain in efficiency for the customer also depends on the details. For this reason, qualified expert assistance as well as working closely with KRESS customer advisers serve to put our customers on the path to investing in a refrigerated vehicle that offers a good return.

KRESS Thermo-truck body CoolerBox2.0 offers these important advantages as part of its basic configuration:

  • reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
    the aerodynamic design with excellent cd value as well as weight advantage of the refrigerated truck body both ensure that fuel consumption is considerably reduced.
  • The lower dead weight of the refrigerated truck body benefits the payload.
    The CoolerBox2.0 is one of the lightest temperature-controlled truck bodies on the market. Owing to our DUROLITE panel technology, DUOFLEX door gaskets and its stainless steel portal frame, the CoolerBox2.0 provides great insulation, is sturdy and long-lasting. Often lasts longer than a car! Can simplz be mounted on the next chassis.
  • The CoolerBox2.0 adheres to rules governing food hygiene. ATP and HACCP certified. Also GDP certified. Fungicidal joint sealing. Easy cleaning, perfect hygiene.
  • CoolerBox2.0 have always been developed, refined, manufactured and shipped out for delivery from the KRESS plant, in Meckesheim near Heidelberg.. They have been on European roads for over five years in thousands of variations. They are mounted on basic chassis of all leading commercial vehicle manufactuers. Also available with electric engine and low-noise equipment.

Always a good ride – KRESS supports the charity work of the Sinsheimer Tafel e.V.

As one of the sponsors, KRESS supports the Sinheimer Tafel e. V. with the acquisition of an appropriate and modern refrigerated vehicle. Using the aerodynamic transporter-truck body CoolerBox2.0 the Sinsheimer Tafel is able to transport food properly and expertly. In our picture you can see Hans-Jürgen Poppe von der Sinsheimer Tafel on the right and Joachim Kress handing over the vehicle at the KRESS plant in Meckesheim,half-way between Heidelberg and Sinsheim. More on the Sinsheimer Tafel.

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A brief profile of KRESS Kühlfahrzeuge

KRESS Fahrzeugbau GmbH is a mid-sized company that has been specialized in the development and manufacture of economical, efficient refrigerated vehicles and truck bodies of the highest quality for over 20 years. Every year over 500 refrigerated vans, trucks and truck bodies are built to specification for customers from a variety of industries. KRESS works with all well-known commercial vehicle manufacturers. KRESS delivers ex factory as well as via commercial vehicle dealerships. We have service partners in all of Germany as well as in neighbouring countries.

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