KRESS Fahrzeugbau Meckesheim

Improved Transport Efficiency and Profits for Our Customers

Our goal: The further development of our refrigerated vehicles and our business

The aerodynamic refrigerated truck body CoolerBox2.0 is the highly successful result of our goal-oriented and professional efforts.

Using our KRESS DUROLITE®-PanelTechnology we are  able to construct among the lightest and sturdiest refrigerated truck bodies while showcasing a stylish and highly aerodynamic design. For this very reason, our customers are able to save up to 20% on fuel consumption and profit from its efficient cargo capacity. This naturally allows our customers to obtain higher yields.

KRESS is one of the leading German manufacturers of refrigerated truck bodies for light trailers, vans, and trucks.  Our mid-sized, family-run enterprise has been specializing in refrigerated vehicle production for years, producing about 500 refrigerated vehicles a year which are then either directly delivered ex works or via  commercial vehicle dealerships.

Our plant is located in Meckesheim near Heidelberg. It is easily accessible within the metropolitan area Rhein-Neckar, in northern Baden-Württemberg. We look forward to your visit. Please call us to arrange for an appointment at  +49 (0)6226-9263-0.

Of course you can also count on professional and knowledgeable help near you. Please find the closest dealer by looking at the menu on the right.

KRESS service partner net all over Germany as well as at our borders.

We like to keep the lines to our customers open- why?

You can see our refrigerated vehicles on the road throughout Europe, working hard in all industries requiring the transport of temperature-sensitive goods.

  • Artisanal food production
  • Foodstuff industry
  • Food trade
  • Plant trade
  • Catering, party service, events logistics
  • Pharmaceutical and medical logistics
  • Shipping companies
  • Logistics
  • Refrigerated vehicle rental agencies.

The wishes and practical experience of our customers form an important base for our technical know how, for optimising and further developing our refrigerated, deep freeze and multi-temperature vehicles as well as for tailor-made refrigerated vehicles.  

Premium products created using the latest refrigeration technology at a fair price, ensuring great value for your money!

Owing to our high manufacturing depth, well trained co-workers and our modern, yet flexible way of organising our manufacturing ensures we can deliver economical and efficient refrigerated vehicles in tried and true standard and industrial design as well as tailor-made individual solutions. And without having to put up with long wait times.

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A brief history of KRESS Fahrzeugbau GmbH: Four Generations of Kress

The millwright Adam Johann Kress founded a mill construction company in 1910.

This company was further developed by  Heinrich Kress, son of the founder. From 1950 onward the company produced agricultural equipment and vehicles.

The grand-son of founder Adam Kress , millwright Walter Kress, began working at the company and started considering what was needed at the time and how the market seemed to be changing and developing which led to the company changing its focus to constructing vehicles.

Walter Kress took over the company in 1962 which he then managed in his own name. He built the first production hall for the vehicle construction company. A further production building as well as an administrative building soon followed in 1974.  By 1981 the newly founded KRESS Fahrzeugbau GmbH took over the single enterprise of Walter Kress.

In 2001 Joachim Kress, son of Walter, became Managing Director of the corporation.


From generally constructing commercial vehicles to becoming a specialist in refrigerated vehicles

KRESS Fahrzeugbau GmbH was originally a producer of various commercial vehicles, particularly of trailers. KRESS produced trailers for cars, flatbed trucks as well as for construction vehicles and manufactured  vehicle bodies of all types. The demand for ever larger vehicles increased. KRESS built commercial vehicles, up to a total weight of 20 tons.

The innovative specialist in refrigerated vehicles for 25 years

After a close study of market trends, KRESS specialized exclusively in manufacturing refrigerated vehicles since 1996, which now account for about 98 % of the total turn-over:

  • Refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated vehicle bodies, insulated refrigerated vehicle bodies for commercial vehicles such as vans and trucks- known as CoolMAX, CoolerBox and CoolerBox2.0.
  • Refrigerated and deep-freeze trailers up 3500 kg make up yet another important segment of KRESS manufacturing. The products are known by their trademarked names MultiCooler and EuroCooler and are well-known in the industry.

Our refrigerated truck bodies are  ATP/HACCP certified and in our pharmaceutical model EU-GDP qualified ex works.

Would you like to improve your transport yields?

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